A new research landscape emerges in America

collaboratives map

Things are changing in the US for ME/CFS research as four new collaboratives set up and get to work. In September last year, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced $35 million of funding to establish three new ME/CFS research collaboratives and a supporting data centre. Since then, the Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) has helped … Read moreA new research landscape emerges in America

The CMRC embraces the biomedical

The CFS/ME Research Collaborative has belatedly recognised the critical importance of focusing on biomedical research to uncover the biological mechanisms behind ME/CFS. Its controversial deputy chair, Prof Esther Crawley, is standing down and will be replaced by biomedical researcher Prof Chris Ponting. The Collaborative has started taking concrete action to engage with patients and has also announced ambitious plans to enable much more biomedical research in the UK. [read more]

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