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The ME/CFS Research Review blog, which aims to explain the most promising biomedical findings — and ignore pretty much everything else. So there will be occasional, in-depth blogs explaining the science from the most important studies, and what the findings mean.

Moi FBI’m Simon McGrath and I’m a bit of a science nerd. A long time ago, I did a biochemistry degree at Oxford University, fully intending to become a boffin. I even had the opportunity to do a PhD there, but decided to do something else with my life. That something was rudely interrupted by ME/CFS over 20 years ago.

At the time, I thought that science would soon provide the answers to my illness. Instead, I discovered that the standard of research was often very poor, which probably explains the spectacular lack of progress in developing effective treatments, or even in understanding the basis of the disease.

I started to blog in various places about the few diamonds I found amongst the research coal. In recent years there has been an upsurge in good-quality biomedical research, and it looks like there is plenty more to come. The ME/CFS Research Review aims to explore those important new findings as they emerge: I hope I will be documenting progress towards both understanding the disease and effective treatments.

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